Dixon Chan

Co-founder & CEO

Dixon Chan is the Co-founder & CEO at Burpple. As an alumnus of the NUS Overseas College, he spent a year working in Silicon Valley and read entrepreneurship at Stanford University. It was there that Dixon and his friends came up with the concept of Burpple to help people find good places to eat – after they had a craving for “kopi siew dai” and “roti prata” and did not know where they could go.

Dixon drives the company’s vision, strategy and growth as it builds a world where hospitality starts and ends online, with a mission to bring enjoyment to both people and businesses.

In his day-to-day management of Burpple, Dixon prioritises the team before product and business. He believes that team fulfilment is the key to consistent success and is a strong proponent in one-on-one coffee sessions, learning from wins and losses, and building a culture of being genuinely thoughtful about the work we produce and the people we impact.

Under Dixon’s leadership, Burpple stands at the forefront of the connection economy, and has grown to over 5 million users and 3 million reviews in 2016. When he’s not looking for the best grub to eat, Dixon is also deeply passionate about conversations like “How we work”, UX design and architecture.


Daniel Hum

Co-founder & CTO

Daniel Hum is the Co-founder & CTO of Burpple. He oversees research and product development across all platforms, making sure that the company has what it needs to run. Prior to joining Burpple, Daniel worked at Microsoft in Redmond and later founded 3 companies, one of which self-generated revenue. As a non-foodie frustrated with not knowing where to eat with his friends and family, Daniel started working on a solution which would later become a part of Burpple.

Daniel drives the company’s technical vision, strategy and development, ensuring Burpple’s platform constantly innovates to deliver the best experience for both users and customers.

To achieve this, Daniel believes in working together as a team that constantly evolves, by appreciating each person’s unique qualities, playing to everyone’s strengths, and creating the right environments for everyone to succeed.

Daniel is passionate about using technology to improve people’s daily lives, and on his days off, gets a kick out of exploring ways of automating his home, although so far, that seems to confuse his mom even more.